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Nowhere to Joe

Sep 30, 2017

While Josh is in the mountains hunting without a gun, Jon shares a story about owning a pet.  The men continue their quest to be invited on Joe Rogan’s podcast by 7/31/2018. (Rated PG) Dedicated in loving memory to the late Mr. Mook.

Sep 29, 2017

Jon rolls out a vague homework assignment by text to help create content for the podcast while he's vacationing in Colorado.  Josh recruites Ex-Mormon Caleb Banks to complete his half of the assignment, while Jon goes solo for his share.  The men continue to pursue their goal of being invited on Joe Rogan's podcast by...

Sep 26, 2017

Josh & Jon sit down with television producer & business owner Erik Hutchins, to talk about Park City Ghost Tours, Crop Circles, Roy & Troy,  Yoga, Science, Dutch Ovens, Boom Operators, Best Boys and a bunch of other mind bending topics.  The men continue their quest to be invited on Joe's podcast by...

Sep 21, 2017

On a whim, Josh and Jon invite mutual friend and gardner Noelle Carey to sit down for a chat about life, landscaping and the value of "D". The conversation turns blue early and never looks back. The men continue their quest of being invited on Joe's Podcast by 7/31/2018.

Sep 16, 2017

Josh and guest Joel Featherstone roast Jon like a marshmellow for his recent backpacking blunders and medical misfortune.  Topics include drinking, music, Dr. Walker, Merkin the kidney stone, second and third degree burns, mother nature, Handsome Rob, appendicitis, Erik the Saint, Sawtooth Mountains in Idaho and Pride....