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Nowhere to Joe

Dec 24, 2017

Josh & Jon have the good fortune of sitting down with Creative Problem Solver, Musician, and Professional Headhunter, James Peterson the III, to talk about his lifelong experience battling alcoholism.  His moment of clarity came after a period of time he was "drinking a gallon of Rum every 18 hours" to cope with...

Dec 21, 2017

Josh & Jon go on an adventure to explore a mysterious dive bar on Redwood Road.  Topics include road bikes, pit bulls, Weinstein, critics, bad air, snow, skiiers, beer, and other mind numbing blabber.  Will the men get too drunk and get kicked put by a bouncer named Clarence?  Probably not... but who remembers?  The men...

Dec 8, 2017

Is it true that Bears Ears will be renamed Trumps Ears on July 31st, 2018?  Will it be because one man with a small hand on the pulse of the nation is jealous of his predecessors large ears?  Was Vice President Pence secretly taped claiming the Escalante Staircase is a secret portal to heaven?  Are Jon and Josh really...

Dec 4, 2017

Jon sits down with his wife’s father, Scott Petersen, to talk about him being a Truck Driver, Loving Father and All-Around Good Guy.  Josh & Jon continue their quest to be invited on Rogan’s podcast by 7/31/18.

Nov 28, 2017

Josh has an idea to one-up the RAGNAR organization and it involves copious amounts of booze and exercise.  Jon & Jon spitball ways to make FUBAR marketable and not a death trap for the inebriated.  The men continue their quest to be invited on Joe Rogan’s show by 7/31/18.